Beast as God / Crows split 7"

by Crows



Full stream of our upcoming split 7" with Beast As God (UK). Out early 2017 on Distro-y / SuperFi / WOOAAARGH / Dingleberry


released March 3, 2017

Recorded & Mixed by Shaun Cadogan (Last Light Recordings) at Sun Studios, Temple Bar.
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering, Austin TX.



all rights reserved


Crows Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: CROWS - Mono / Ender / Dylatov

the damage's been done - the shit is stacked up so even if you try to run
(or get caught in the crossfire), you'll be staring down much worse than
the barrel of a gun, (much worse) a phallus, an excuse, allegoric of abuse
ad nauseum - sick to our rancid bones.
(foster separation. reproach an existence)
and I can't reconcile my soul with this culture of bigotry, and it can't
reconcile itself with these secular convictions.
hate built on contradiction. but it's a broken rhythm, an interrupted system,
and the real subversion was in the first decision - of what man made rules
when he learned he didn't mean shit. fucked it.



you equate earth and hate - two elements at work to galvanise your greed.
strong morality notwithstanding - you're enlisting a crippled legion, zero and up.
I have patience; no resolve. I feel guilty; no remorse. I've grown dishonest,
wholly consumed by a confusion, infected by your cruel muse. fuck you fuck you.
I hate the way I explode. I don't want to listen. I hate the way I fear you.
I don't want to listen.



i can't resist the force in control - I'm empty of love.
i can't believe in anyone - I've faltered before,
on my way down, I sink past the floor into a universe where i am separate from the world.
it leaves me now, a ghost of my youth, but it will return again, the enemy of my brood.
relief for now, take neither side - take comfort in blunt conclusion or it will return again,
it will return again, you can be sure, with opaque release, malaise, rot, mania.
I can't resist the force in control - i am empty of love